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If you've been looking for an affordable, easy to use load board you've found it. has eliminated the hype, said NO to advertising, and said YES to service. At you won't have to wade through pages of advertising trying to figure out how to find or post a load. Our straightforward design was done by professionals in the transportation industry and our owner/operator management team understands the needs of truckers. We are dedicated to bringing you the kind of 24/7 service that truckers need so that you will NEVER SIT. offers only one level of service - PREMIUM.
Our yearly membership fee of $75 - YES $75/YEAR - gives you full access to the load board for a whole year. No more high monthly premiums and no more limits on usage. One simple fee, one simple answer to finding trucks and finding loads. Your membership includes full access to the board. Post loads or trucks and use the search functionality to find loads or trucks. Whether you're a hotshot or a bull hauler, we offer all types of freight and trucks of every description. Our easy to use search functionality will allow you to quickly find the load or truck you're looking for.

Have you ever been locked out of your service overnight or over the week end? With, our staff is available 24/7 and our friendly US BASED operators will be happy to assist you with finding or posting a load or a truck. If there's a problem with your account, your billing, or anything else, we'll get you a load first and then sort out the problem once you're rolling again. Our name is and we take it seriously.

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